The Benefits of Working with a Small Law Firm

May 21, 2024by Brian Walsh


The prestige and glamour of a large law firm may be appealing when you’re looking for an attorney to represent you. It’s common to be distracted by the impeccably designed office and recognizable name. Firms like that must be successful, right?

While there’s no arguing that most large firms have earned their status through a long history of successful results, past achievements are not always the best indicators of future success. Plus, megalithic law firms cannot offer many of the advantages that smaller firms can.

What are the advantages of working with smaller law firms? Perhaps the most impactful and noticeable benefit is the relationship between the client and the attorney.

1. Better Attorney-Client Relationships

You want to be more than just another client. You want your attorney and everyone in their office to know who you are and what’s going on in your case. If that sounds like you, a large firm will not be able to give you what you’re looking for. Small firms have fewer clients, which means they get to know each client and become familiar with their cases. The focus at smaller firms is to form strong relationships with clients, which boosts trust and improves the overall experience. Legal issues are not a pleasant experience, but with personalized attention and a close relationship, small firms help make the process less challenging.

2. You are a Priority

Firms with hundreds of clients and dozens of attorneys cannot make any individual client a priority. Small firms are often more selective about the cases they take because they want to be able to give each client the priority status they deserve. When your lawyer places you and your case on the pedestal it needs, you know they have your best interests at heart and are committed to seeing a positive outcome for you. Small firms care about your success because they care about you, not because they are focused on the glory of a win.

3. Personalized Treatment

Attorneys who take the time and put in the effort to create a healthy relationship with their clients and make them a priority have a better understanding of what each client needs and wants. This translates into being able to provide a level of personalized treatment that is unprecedented at large firms. For example, a lawyer at a smaller firm will know which clients want frequent, detailed updates and which ones prefer a short summary of any changes. Small firms are familiar with each client’s interests, needs, and preferences so they can deliver unparalleled individual attention.

4. Efficiency

It may not seem like small firms are more efficient than large firms, but that is often the reality. Too many people being involved in a case can slow down the process, create additional work within the firm, and lead to higher costs for clients. Attorneys at small firms, who are more familiar with each of their client’s cases, are able to pay attention to all the details and focus fully on the case. Smaller firms are more adept at responding to client needs and pivoting to meet those needs.

5. Trust

If there is a lack of trust between a client and an attorney, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to accomplish anything. Trust is an inherent part of working with a small firm – the closer relationships, priority treatment, and more in-depth understanding of the case means trust is developed organically. Clients need to have confidence in their lawyer and feel that everything going on behind the scenes is in their best interest. By fostering trust, small firms can provide that to their clients.

6. Communication and Access

It may be easy to reach someone at a large firm, but the chances are low that anyone familiar with your case will be available when you call. Small firms have better communication because no matter who you speak to at the office, they will know who you are. Often, you will also have a way to contact your attorney directly, whether through their personal work email or their cell phone number. Bigger firms do not offer the same level of open communication. This improved access to your attorney reinforces the trust and strong relationship that is vital to your case.

7. Reduced Costs

Another major benefit of working with a smaller firm is the smaller bill. When there’s less overhead, attorneys can charge less for the same high-quality level of representation. The big office and fancy branding of a large firm may look impressive, but their clients are paying for those aesthetic elements that do nothing to help their cases. Criminal and civil cases can be expensive, so cutting costs is beneficial, especially when the quality of legal services is not diminished.

Small But Mighty

Large firms often have access to more resources and come with an intimidation factor that can be helpful in some legal settings. However, small firms know how to leverage the resources they have and create innovative solutions and strategies that benefit each of their clients. Plus, any skilled and knowledgeable attorney commands respect, regardless of the size of their firm. There are very few things that a large firm offers that cannot be found at smaller firms.

If you value open communication, trust, strong relationships, and skilled representation, a small firm is the right choice.

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