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The Benefits of Working with a Small Law Firm

The prestige and glamour of a large law firm may be appealing when you’re looking for an attorney to represent you. It’s common to be distracted by the impeccably designed office and recognizable name. Firms like that must be successful, right? While there’s no arguing that most large firms have earned their status through a long history of successful results, past achievements are not always the best indicators of future success. Plus, megalithic law firms cannot offer many of the advantages that smaller firms can.

Updating the FDD – What, When & Why

As a franchisor it is crucial to keep your FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document) properly updated. Not doing so could expose your franchise network to unnecessary legal issues from franchisees, the FTC, and any states you are registered in, including Florida. If your FDD expires, it is invalid and can no longer be used. All franchise sales activities must be stopped; that means no closings, no prospecting, and no advertising, or marketing. And, for the most part, you won’t be able to renew franchise agreements with existing franchisees or complete transfers.

Pros and Cons of Starting an S-Corp in Florida

Owning and operating a business in Florida requires you to make complex decisions and judgments about a number of topics, not the smallest of which is the basic structure of your business entity. This is something that both new business owners and seasoned entrepreneurs must consider – should you incorporate? More specifically, is an S-corporation the best option? As with almost any choice you must make for your business, there are advantages and disadvantages to becoming an S-Corp in Florida. Understanding those variables will help you make an informed decision that is ultimately in the best interests of your company.

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