About Walsh Banks Law

At Walsh Banks Law we offer solutions.

Walsh Banks Law is a full service boutique law firm located in downtown Orlando, Florida. We provide a comprehensive range of transaction, litigation and trial related legal services. With 100 years of aggregate experience, our lawyers have the knowledge, skills and expertise to provide effective legal solutions.

We are focused on helping individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses of all sizes succeed. Our practice areas are centered on providing comprehensive synergistic legal services that support businesses throughout their entire life-cycle.

We are dedicated to serving our clients’ legal needs in a personal manner.

We are a client oriented law firm; focused on helping you overcome legal challenges and achieving your goals and objectives. We pride ourselves on serving as trusted advisers for our clients from a boutique law firm approach. Through our experience and sophisticated understanding of our client’s businesses and legal objectives, we are able to help guide them through all of their endeavors.

We are committed to fostering long term client relationships and making a positive impact on our community.

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Character and Professionalism

Our mission is to exceed client expectations through our understanding of their needs and our commitment to providing timely, effective and efficient legal services in response to the client’s unique and ever-changing legal challenges. We provide counsel to business owners and individuals for proper planning to help them successfully achieve their goals and attain their objectives. We believe that effective representation requires more than just a cursory understanding of the clients endeavors, but rather a comprehension of all other intricacies and subtle nuances unique to each situation.

Our Core Values

We believe it is important for our clients to understand the values that guide and direct how Walsh Banks Law operates as a firm. We are committed to:

  1. Providing superior legal services through well reasoned analysis, sound judgement and effective implementation.
  2. Protecting the lawful interests of our clients.
  3. Adhering to the ethical principles and standards of responsibility of the legal profession.
  4. Cherishing and nurturing the relationship with our clients.
  5. Understanding and always being directed by the lawful objectives of our clients, buy without compromising our independence and objectivity that is essential to discharging our professional responsibilities.
  6. Helping the client understand what lawyers and the legal system can and cannot do.
  7. Helping clients understand the benefits and risks of pursuing a specific course of action an what the cost is likely to be.
  8. Building the client’s trust and confidence that the firm’s commitment to serving the interests of the client is not subject to any undisclosed competing interests and that the firm will always give the extra effort required for success.
  9. Carefully planning and managing a client’s matter so that the necessary services are supplied in the quantity and quality required, at the right time, and at a fair and reasonable cost to the client.

Our Team of Lawyers

Brandon W Banks Co-founder Walsh Banks Law

Brandon W Banks

Brian M Walsh Co-founder Walsh Banks Law

Brian M Walsh

Attorney Harold Hal Morlan

Harold E Morlan II

Attorney Harlan Chip Johnson

Harlan Johnson