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We are business law experts. We have extensive experience providing transaction and litigation legal services to entrepreneurs, small businesses and large companies alike.
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Our Business Lawyers Can Help You Succeed

Whether you are a startup, a small business, or a larger more mature company our attorneys have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to help you succeed.

We will help you grow your business, and achieve your goals; while reducing risk and mitigating potential legal issues.

Hiring a good business lawyer, one that fully understands the challenges and limitations of running a company, is one of the most important steps you can take to help ensure long term success.

Starting and running a business is one of the most rewarding and stressful things you will ever do. You already know that there are significant risks that come with operating a company. You can mitigate those risks and increase your chances of success by working with a qualified experienced business attorney

We help small businesses beat the odds. With our years of experience helping hundreds of different companies we know how to avoid the traps and how to build a strong legal foundation that will support long term success.

When you hire Walsh Banks Law, you gain access to trusted, experienced lawyers for strategic legal counsel and representation. Give us a call and find out how our legal services can help you overcome obstacles and succeed (407) 259-2426 or Schedule a Consultation

Commercial & Business LawLegal Services We Provide

Our attorneys provide comprehensive legal services to businesses and individuals in the Greater Orlando area and throughout Central Florida.

Our lawyers have over 100 years of combined experience working with a broad range of entities of all types and sizes in a wide variety of industries.

Over the years, we have provided sound effective legal counsel, strategies and solutions to hundreds of businesses.

From planning and startup; through the funding, operation and expansion; to the eventual sale or exit from the company we have a proven track record of providing effective representation for a wide variety of commercial, corporate, real estate and franchise law matters.

Our attorneys routinely provide a wide variety of legal services to businesses from many different industries:

Small Business Attorney

Working With Small Businesses
In The Local Metro Orlando Area

Small business law has been a core practice area of our law firm since its inception. At Walsh Banks Law we help you deal with your legal issues so that you can focus on running your company.

We believe small businesses deserve the same quality legal services available to larger companies and those that have in-house counsel.

Small businesses have a unique set of needs. Our attorneys have helped hundreds of Orlando area small businesses successfully resolve their legal issues.

We have helped these clients with everything from choosing the right type of legal structure to representing them in complex litigation and everything in between.

Our promises to our small business clients are that we will give you the same high quality representation that we give our big corporate clients.

We make sure to work within the cost parameters that you have set for us. We will be responsive to your needs. We will aggressively represent your interests.

We take the time to get to know you and your company


before we make any recommendations or take any actions on your behalf.

We understand that you need timely advice and solutions that will stand the test of time.

When working with small businesses we make sure that our representation is aligned with your goals and objectives.

Protect Your Rights & Interests

Why Hire a Lawyer For Your Business

Starting a new business or operating an existing one can be risky undertakings. Success is not guaranteed. Getting good legal advice can mean the difference between success and failure.

Moreover, your success may heavily depend on getting the right advice from the right experts. Many stakeholders put other priorities ahead of addressing legal issues. They often don’t hire an attorney until it’s simply too late.

For example, let’s say you land a big client. You negotiate a 4 year deal. The contracts are written up and signed. You purchase inventory and hire employees to service the new big client. And, you’ve secured a big loan to cover all these expenses. Before you are ninety days into the contract the client cancels the deal and walks away. You’re stuck.

You contact a business lawyer to enforce the agreement and if necessary file a lawsuit for breach of contract. He or she reviews the contract and informs you of a “Ninety Day Cancellation” clause in the contract. If you would have had a lawyer review the contract, prior to signing, they would have caught the clause and negotiated a change to the contract to have alternative, more protective, language included.


Five Basic Reasons to
Hire a Business Lawyer

  1. Stay compliant with laws and regulations: Avoiding operating in a way that exposes your operations to unnecessary legal or tax liability. In some circumstance non-compliance could lead to the corporate veil being pierced; personally exposing owners, shareholders and other principals to legal and tax liabilities.
  2. Reduce the risk of doing business: Working with customers, vendors, and even the general public exposes you to risk. A lawyer will make sure the necessary legal foundation is in place to mitigate those possible risks.
  3. Reduce the risk of operating your company: Founders, executives, investors, shareholders, employees, and board members all have unique relationships with the company. Making sure rights, obligations and expectations are properly and clearly outlined will limit future disputes.
  4. Facilitate a merger, purchase or sale: There are so many potential pitfalls involved with these types of transactions that it is essential to work with an experienced lawyer.
  5. There is a lawsuit: Whether you are prosecuting or defending a lawsuit, no matter how right you think you are, you need the help of an attorney.

A good lawyer will show you what your options are and give you sound advice, even if it is not what you want to hear. One advantage of working with an experienced attorney is that they have seen a lot of companies succeed and fail. They have also seen the miscalculations that those involved in legal disputes have made. You get access to all of that knowledge and experience without having to make all of those mistakes yourself.

When you work with a business lawyer you are getting an outside perspective on your issues. Because you are steeped in the day-to-day details, and because you are emotionally invested in the success of your enterprise, it can be hard to step back and see what all of your options are.

The business attorneys at Walsh Banks Law will help your business start out on the right path, resolve sensitive legal issues, fight to protect your rights in court, and help you find the right exit strategy when the time comes. We have the knowledge and experience to help at every phase of your company’s life cycle.

When Should You
Hire a Business Attorney?

We strongly advocate having a relationship with a business lawyer from the very start. This allows you to have an existing relationship, with an attorney that fully understands you and your business, to call upon when a crisis occurs.

When you are faced with a legal challenge or question, you should consult with a knowledgeable and experienced business lawyer before making any final decisions.

Here’s the thing, businesses are inherently risky. The more successful you become the greater your potential legal and financial risk.

At the end of the day, whether you are an owner, an entrepreneur starting a new business, or are a larger corporation, your business lawyer is there to help reduce the risk of running a company and avoid liability.

Ideally, you should work with a lawyer from the very beginning; before you sell your first widget, before you sign your first service agreement, before money is involved. Hiring a business attorney early in the planning stage will help prevent avoidable legal issues. A business plan is your road map.

Your attorney can review it and point out areas where there are risks; develop strategies to reduce that risk and work around the liabilities, and help you avoid pitfalls that could have serious legal repercussions.

If unaddressed, those legal issues could hamper the growth and even the longevity of your enterprise.

If, for whatever reason, you did not retain a lawyer early on, you should have a lawyer conduct an audit of all your current legal documents; including, incorporation paperwork, commercial leases, sales agreements as-well-as any and all contracts and binding agreements, so they can advise you on your current liabilities and risk exposure.


Keep in mind, as your company grows, hires new employees, adds services and products, leases equipment /office space, and enters into contractual agreements, your legal exposure changes. Having a working relationship with a good business lawyer will help you keep abreast of ever changing legal obligations and liabilities. When you know what those obligations and liabilities are they are far easier to plan for and mitigate.

Whether or not you worked with a business attorney early on, now is the time to get your legal house in order. Don’t wait until you are being sued by a disgruntled employee. Don’t wait until you get into a dispute or somehow get stuck in an unnecessary lawsuit. Not taking action now could cost you in the long run.

Often the earlier you get us involved with your company, the fewer problems you will have down the road because we will help you avoid major contractual and compliance mistakes.

Work With Us

Why Hire Walsh Banks Law
We Are here To Help You Succeed

The attorneys at Walsh Banks Law have helped hundreds of companies, in the Greater Orlando area just like yours. We provide the legal advice and services your company needs at prices you can afford.

Many Orlando businesses have made the expensive mistake of trying to save money by skipping meeting with a business attorney only to find out later they needed to spend even more money getting things done the right way. We make sure everything is done right the first time and that you have a solid legal foundation.

The success of your company is too important to take chances on DIY legal solutions and one-size-fits-all online legal forms. You deserve to have someone who not only understands law, but also understands the needs of all the business’ stakeholders.

As your company grows more and better opportunities will come your way. Those opportunities will be inherently risky. If you work with an attorney early on, before you open your business, they can provide guidance and help lay a strong legal foundation for future success.

Work with a qualified attorney to review those deals to make sure your rights and interests are protected.

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