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We provide a comprehensive range of transaction, litigation and trial related legal services for business, real estate and franchise related legal matters.

Who We Are

About Our Law Firm

We are a client-oriented boutique law firm in Orlando, Florida; focused on helping clients overcome business, franchise and real estate related legal matters.

We are a small law firm committed to providing personalized service and delivering legal solutions tailored to your specific situation and needs.

With 100 years of aggregate experience, our team of attorneys has the background needed to provide quality legal services you can trust and count on.

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What We DoOur Core Practice Areas

Business Law

We provide legal services covering every facet of starting, operating, expanding, and exiting a business.

Our attorneys will help you build your business on a strong legal foundation; reducing risk, helping avoid costly legal mistakes, and protecting your interests.

We work with startups, entrepreneurs and businesses of all types and sizes to stay compliant with laws and regulations, reduce the risk of doing business, and reduce the risk of operating a company.

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Franchise Law

We have substantial experience providing legal services to both franchisors and franchisees.

We help franchisors with everything from structuring the franchise offering and system, to preparing FDDs and franchise agreements, as-well-as compliance, advise on risk mitigation and counseling on sales and onboarding compliance.

We help franchisees review the FDD, FA and other relevant documents, due diligence, purchase or sale of a franchise, renewals, and dispute resolution.

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Real Estate Law

We provide a complete suite of residential and commercial real estate legal services, including buyer/seller representation, negotiating, and reviewing commercial leases, title and closing services. We work with everyone from buyers, sellers, investors, brokers, and banks.

We resolve title defects, liens, and code violations. If a dispute arises, we have the knowledge and experience to resolve the issue as quickly as possible, and if need be, press the issue in court.

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Disputes & Lawsuits

Whether you are involved in a real estate, business or franchise dispute or lawsuit we can help you quickly resolve the dispute, in your favor as much as possible.

Going to court is one of the most expensive ways to resolve a legal dispute and should be the option of last resort. It is far more cost effective to negotiate an amicable settlement.

If all else fails, we will zealously protect your rights and interests in court.

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Our Commitment

What To Expect

Working With Walsh Banks Law

Free Consultation: Is intended for us to understand your situation, assess your legal needs, determine how we can help, and to decide if our firm is a good fit for you.

Practical Legal Advice: We are committed to providing clear practical legal advice, solutions, counsel and representation in a personal and specialized manner.

Personal Attention: Our lawyers work with clients on a one-on-one basis, providing the personal attention needed to thoroughly understand your unique situation and needs.

Clear Communication: We make sure we are available for questions, provide regular updates, thoroughly explaining matters in plain language, making sure clients are fully informed.

Tailored Services: We view each client and the legal matters in which we represent them as unique and provide legal solutions specifically tailored to your specific needs.

Upfront & Transparent Costs: We strive to provide value added cost effective legal services that clients can trust and count on at reasonable rates.

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