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LLC or Corporation – Which is better for you?

Each legal structure – corporation and LLC - has characteristics that affect business owners differently at various stages of business growth. All businesses operate in a fluid economic environment where the only constant is change. An ideal business structure is agile enough to respond to new environments quickly with minimal stress on its owners, customers, and employees.

LLC or Partnership? Which Is Right For You?

Whenever there is more than one stakeholder in a business there has to be a way to govern the relationship between the various participants. There has to be a structure outlining the roles and responsibilities of the participants or the business will eventually fall apart. The larger the number of stakeholders there are the more imperative it is for there to be a structure that everyone understands and agrees with.

Importance of Buy-Sell Agreements

Buy-sell agreements, also known as a “business prenuptial” agreement, are often overlooked in the excitement of starting a new business and the certainty that the founders or partners will work happily together for their lifetimes. Often best friends, even family members, owners fail to consider the possibility that adversity can strike at any time.

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