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Lawyers at Walsh Banks Law provide comprehensive corporate legal services. We routinely help companies resolve complex legal challenges.
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We provide knowledgeable and effective Corporate Law services and guidance to companies in the Greater Orlando area and throughout Florida. We routinely help companies resolve complex legal challenges.

Our team of corporate lawyers work on a mixture of risk mitigation strategies, complex commercial transactions, commercial finance, strategic planning, and litigation for our clients.

We provide legal counsel and representation for both publicly held and privately held corporations.

Our goal is to help the company achieve its objectives while remaining compliant with governing laws and regulations; as-well-as, relevant corporate policies.

Regardless of what kind of case we are working on for a corporate client we always aggressively protect their interests while also making sure we don’t do anything to jeopardizing the strategic goals of the company.

Walsh Banks Law offers outside general counsel services as well as support for your in-house legal team. No transaction, litigation, or challenge is too complex for our team. Let us put our years of legal experience to work for your company.

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What We DoCore Corporate Legal Services
We Provide Clients

We provide legal counsel on corporate formation, governance and operation. This includes strategic legal advice on structuring joint ventures and corporate restructuring.

We have extensive experience structuring and managing commercial and project financing.

We also have extensive experience helping clients with due diligence, transaction structuring, and negotiating Mergers and Acquisitions transactions.

Our clients range from solo entrepreneurs and startups in the process of launching and financing a new venture to large corporations and non-profit organizations.

No matter the legal matter, we have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to help you overcome those obstacles to achieve your goals and objectives.

Most common legal services we provide corporate clients:

Corporate Law

What Does A Corporate Lawyer Do?

A corporation is its own distinct legal entity. A corporate lawyer represents the corporation itself with regard to formations, operations, reorganizations, the rights and duties of management and shareholders; as-well-as, mergers and acquisitions, finance and other legal matters that govern corporations.

Successful corporate lawyers have mastered a variety of different skills and are able to draw from a deep well of specialized knowledge.

Corporate lawyers are creative problem solvers.

We work to help you accomplish your goals. Corporate lawyers need to be confident and comfortable in the boardroom and the courtroom.

Some of the more common cases and issues that corporate attorneys work on include:

Corporate Reorganization and Structuring

Often companies need to make changes to their legal structure or reorganize business activities because of investment, a merger, or an acquisition.

Corporate attorneys can help walk the management team, shareholders, or owners through the entire restructuring process.

Depending on the situation, it may be necessary to dissolve one company and form a new one. Sometimes it makes the most sense to create a new holding company or to turn the existing company into a holding company and organize several new independent units.

Other times a company may need a new operating agreement or corporate charter to reflect changes in the company or to repair defective founding corporate documents.

Whatever structural changes that may need to be made, your corporate attorneys will help you mitigate risk and create a durable structure that will stand the test of time.

Legal Audits

While most people think of corporate lawyers as always focused on lawsuits and litigation, much of the work of a corporate lawyer is actually focused on avoiding expensive lawsuits. One of the premier risk mitigation strategies is the legal audit.

Like a financial audit, a legal audit carefully reviews a select area of corporate activities to make sure everything is in order. A legal audit may uncover compliance issues that need to be fixed before the company is fined, risky policies and procedures that put the company in legal jeopardy, untapped intellectual property assets, and much more.

Successful companies have regular legal audits as a way to make sure that a surprise claim doesn’t derail the profits of innovation of the organization.

Corporate Governance Issues

One of the keys to running a successful company is trying to keep all of the stakeholders on the same page. Because companies often have complicated decision making processes; that involve the management team, the board of directors, and shareholders, major corporate governance issues occasionally come up.

Corporate lawyers will often be called in to represent one group of stakeholders and to try and resolve the dispute over who has the authority to make certain decisions.

Often corporate governance issues can be resolved through dialogue, negotiation, and the amendment of the corporate charter. However, sometimes the differences are too stark and litigation is the only way to resolve the issue.

Tax Planning

Proper tax planning is essential for the long-term financial success. Corporate lawyers advise companies on the best way to reduce their tax burden, how to maximize the tax advantages of necessary expenditures, and work to make sure that any tax moves are properly documented and in compliance with the law.

Tax planning can involve relatively straightforward strategies such as carefully timing large investments and purchases.

But, it can also require complex financial transactions and changes to the corporate structure.

Corporate lawyers not only provide advice about taxes, but they can also deploy the strategies and tactics they recommend. If you are concerned about the taxes your company may be required to pay, you need to enlist the guidance of a good tax lawyer as soon as possible.

Corporate Finance and Restructuring

Starting, running and expanding a successful company often requires access to lines of credit. You may need substantial amounts of financing to pay for innovative investments and rapid growth strategies. Corporate attorneys routinely work on corporate finance issues.

Often, in order to secure adequate financing for large projects, corporate lawyers will be called in to create complex commercial finance agreements. These are not standard loan templates. Each transaction requires a custom approach.

Sometimes the corporation needs to be restructured to qualify for financing. Corporate attorneys are also used when a financing deal goes bad, and a deeply leveraged company needs to get a workout or a radical restructuring.

Shareholder Disputes

The premise of American corporate law is that the shareholders own companies. However, different factors such as diluted voting power, complex management systems, and a rapidly changing marketplace can all make it difficult for some shareholders to get the kinds of returns they want or for them to directly influence the direction of the company as much as they desire.

Shareholders can act on their displeasure in a number of different ways. Corporate lawyers often represent either a group of shareholders or management in a dispute. Sometimes through negotiation the dispute can be resolved. Other times, only by going through a contentious voting process can the issues be brought to close.

In the most difficult cases, a shareholder lawsuit often results. Corporate lawyers must work to aggressively litigate on behalf of their client’s interests.

Corporate Litigation

While a lot of the work of corporate attorneys is transactional, the best attorneys are also experienced litigators. They understand what happens when something cannot be resolved outside of the court system and they are not afraid of going to battle for their clients.

Corporate litigation, also known as commercial litigation, is complex, expensive, and time consuming. However, it is sometimes the only way to protect the interests of the corporation.

Corporate litigation is much more involved than just making a few arguments in court. It involves writing complex legal briefs, conducting detailed discovery, dogged investigation, and relentless negotiation. While most lawsuits will never go to trial, corporate attorneys know that they better prepared they are to take a case all the way to a trial, the better position their client will be in.

How a Corporate Lawyer
Works as Outside General Counsel

One of the most important and in demand services corporate lawyers offer are outside general counsel services.

Even small companies have a myriad of legal issues that need to be addressed by an excellent corporate lawyer that understands their company and industry inside and out.

However, not all companies are ready for a full in-house legal team. Corporate lawyers can help fill this gap.

Many companies of all sizes retain corporate lawyers to act as their outside general counsel. The ongoing relationship means that there is easy, cost-effective access to talented, experienced, and knowledgeable legal advice whenever it needs it.

Instead of going to a new lawyer every time a legal issue comes up, companies can depend on their existing relationship with their outside general counsel firm.

When working as an outside general counsel, a corporate lawyer will not only provide advice and take action when a crisis occurs, but will also oversee risk mitigation strategies and corporate maintenance issues.

How a Corporate Lawyer
Works With Your In-House Legal Team

Even companies with existing in-house legal departments often need additional legal help.

Corporate attorneys often supplement the efforts of the in-house legal team by providing niche expertise such as litigation or intellectual property. Sometimes a situation is so complicated that more lawyers are needed just to make sure no detail is overlooked.

Some common areas where corporate attorneys are needed to support the in-house legal team include:

  • Support for a merger or acquisition
  • Advice about strategic alliances and joint ventures
  • Sale and purchase of stock assets

Merger and Acquisition Support

Mergers and acquisitions are complicated. Corporate lawyers are often needed at all stages of the transaction by all of the different parties. Corporate lawyers can help with due diligence, negotiating the underlying transaction, drafting contracts, drafting financing agreements, and working on corporate structure issues.

Corporate attorneys work with the acquiring company, the target company, banks, and investors to aggressive represent their client’s interests.

When it comes to pulling off a complicated commercial transaction there is no substitute for experience and expertise. Working with a corporate law firm with a successful track record of representing clients in these complex transactions will make the process smoother and more efficient.

Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures

Sometimes the best option for a company’s future growth and profitability is neither a merger or an acquisition. The best option may be forming strategic alliances or formal joint ventures.

These specialized areas of corporate law require a detailed knowledge of the advantages and possible pitfalls of partnering with another organization. It is critical that the company has a team of corporate lawyers who can help them negotiate and draft agreements with strategic patterns and joint venture partners.

These agreements must be detailed, protect the company’s legal interests, and be flexible enough to succeed. Corporate lawyers help make sure that not only does the right deal for the company get made, but that the deal is in compliance with any relevant laws or regulations.

It often takes an outside perspective to make sure that no critical details are missed when creating these unique agreements.

Sale and Purchase of Stock and Assets

Even though companies routinely buy and sell stock and other assets, one of the best practices for any company is to seek outside counsel before executing a large asset purchase, issuing new shares, makes shares available to investors, or buying back shares.

Shareholder rights and securities law are two high-risk areas. It is easy to unintentionally violate federal securities regulations. The consequences for even a small violation of these rules can be severe.

Companies routinely retain outside general counsel to review these types of transactions for compliance issues, and risks of litigation.

In some cases conflict of interest concerns may also require that in-house counsel recuse themselves from advising the company about stock issues. Management will then need to retain outside counsel to help execute its plan and advise it on how to best proceed.

Why Choose Walsh Banks Law
to Help You With Your Corporate Law Needs

Walsh Banks Law has a team of experienced, knowledgeable, and skilled corporate lawyers ready to guide your company through any of your legal issues. We have worked with corporations of all sizes.

We currently act as outside general counsel for a number of rapid-growth companies and are routinely retained to work with the in-house legal teams of other companies.

With our experience handling complex commercial transactions from all sides of the transaction, including representing banks and financial institutions, we are able to help clients efficiently complete difficult mergers, acquisitions, and strategic and joint venture agreements.

We are able to help negotiate, draft, review, and litigate contracts and contract disputes. Walsh Banks Law has one of the best corporate risk mitigation teams around because we are also one of the premier commercial litigation firms in Orlando.

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