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Pros and Cons of Starting an S-Corp in Florida

Owning and operating a business in Florida requires you to make complex decisions and judgments about a number of topics, not the smallest of which is the basic structure of your business entity. This is something that both new business owners and seasoned entrepreneurs must consider – should you incorporate? More specifically, is an S-corporation the best option? As with almost any choice you must make for your business, there are advantages and disadvantages to becoming an S-Corp in Florida. Understanding those variables will help you make an informed decision that is ultimately in the best interests of your company.

Understanding The New FinCen BOI Reporting Rule

On January 1, 2024, new rules will go into effect for corporations, LLCs, and other US entities about the reporting of beneficial ownership interests to the US Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN).  The application of a new rule or regulation, especially by a Federal unit with the word “Crime” in its name, can naturally be a source of stress. Let’s demystify the rule by breaking down what it means, and what you need to know for your business.

7 Tips for Renewing Your Franchise Agreement

Franchisees who are approaching a renewal period should already be at least somewhat familiar with the terms of their franchise agreement, but reviewing the contract is never a bad idea. Specifically, you will want to understand how the renewal process works, what is required for you to initiate or request renewal, what renewal fees are due, and what deadlines there are throughout the process.

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