Walsh Banks Law Practice Areas

General Business Law and Corporate Law

We specialize in business and corporate law. We represent individuals and companies in nearly every aspect of business and corporate law matters.  With over 50 years of combined experience our team of lawyers has represented hundreds of business. Over the years we have developed the knowledge, skills, and experience to be able to assist you with any legal matter related to your business or corporation. We routinely work with both startup businesses and more mature corporations on a variety of business matters; including, but not limited to, for-profit and non-profit  business formation, growth strategies, debt financing and funding, contract law, employment,  succession planning, real estate matters, franchising, corporate governance, and other complex legal matters.

Small Business Legal Services

We have decades of experience working with small businesses. Every business is different with its own unique legal needs. We have the experience, knowledge and skills to address those needs and help protect you, your business and interests. Our small business legal services are designed to put your business on a solid legal foundation. Giving your business the legal infrastructure necessary to overcome the legal challenges and inherent risks associated with its operations. Let us worry about the legal issues. So, you can concentrate on operating and growing your business. We are here to help you and your business succeed.

Real Estate Law

At Walsh Banks Law our attorneys have considerable experience assisting buyers, sellers, and lenders with both residential and commercial real estate transactions. We advise clients on, assist in negotiating, and can prepare all the necessary legal documents and contracts for both simple and complex real estate transactions. We are licensed title agents so we can also act as closing agent for the deal. When necessary, if a dispute arises, we can litigate the matter as well. We have the expertise to represent you in a broad spectrum of real estate law matters; from simple residential transactions to complex structured commercial transactions.

Franchise Law

We provide legal services to both Franchisors and Franchisees. Our services include advising on structuring franchising systems, federal and state regulatory compliance, drafting and implementation of franchise disclosure documents (FDDs), franchise agreements, franchise operation manuals, and help negotiate supplier contracts. For clients considering buying a franchise we analyze and explain the FDD and franchise agreement, the franchising process, conduct due diligence on the franchise business.

General Litigation and Trial Law

Our litigation and trial attorneys have substantial court room experience trying jury and non-jury cases in state and federal court and at the appellate level. We provide aggressive and strategic representation for business, banking, construction, commercial, real estate, civil, and complex litigation; as-well-as contract performance, enforcement, and breach. The bottom line is that broad experience our litigation and trial attorneys enables us to represent clients on a wide range of business, commercial and real estate matters.

Business and Commercial Litigation

We resolve business and commercial disputes. We represent individuals and businesses of all sizes. With over 50 years of combined litigation and trial experience we have the skills and knowledge necessary to represent you. Our litigation and trial lawyers have the expertise to guide you and your company through every stage of the litigation process. Our goal is to resolve a business dispute as quickly as possible before going to trial. But, make no mistake,  if it is in your strategic interests, we are fully prepared to go to trial.

Construction Law & Litigation

We represent developers, contractors, sub-contractors, tradesmen, suppliers and property owners through all phases of a construction project. We advise and can help negotiate construction contracts. We provide representation in construction litigation matters; including but not limited to, liens, disruption, construction defects, and warranties. We strive to minimize project delays by quickly and efficiently resolving disputes.

Mergers and Acquisitions

With over $500 million in domestic and international M&A transactions under our belt, we have the experience needed to get your deal done.  Each M&A transaction is unique, all stakeholders in the transaction benefit by retaining counsel; ensuring their rights and interests are protected.

Commercial Lending & Finance Law

Our attorneys have represented both lenders and borrowers in over $750 million in commercial loan transactions. We have extensive commercial lending experience with transactions involving both traditional and non-traditional commercial facilities. We have experience representing clients on both sides and all phases of the transaction.

Wills and Trusts

A valid will and properly structured trusts help you protect what is yours, plan for the future and provide for your loved ones once you are gone. For a business owner this is particularly important when you begin considering passing your business on to the next generation. Proper business succession planning ensures the future viability of the business you spent your life building. A valid written will and properly structured trusts a two of the primary vehicles used to smoothly pass on your business in the way you want.

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