Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

Whether you are on the “acquisition” side or the “target” side of a Mergers and Acquisitions process our attorneys have the experience to assist in structuring and negotiating the deal as-well-as provide strategic advice throughout the process and make you aware of your legal rights and obligations.

When you talk about Mergers and Acquisitions, or M&A for short, you are essentially talking about two divergent strategies used to purchase a company. We’re not talking about an individual or a small business buying or selling a company. M&A usually, but not always, involves larger corporations. A “Merger”, in this context, refers to a blending of two or more companies to create a new company. An “Acquisition” is when one company acquires another company but the acquired company remains independent and retains its own identity.

Mergers are often referred to as “friendly takeovers;” whereas acquisitions are often referred to as “hostile takeovers.” With a Merger the acquiring company’s and the target company’s board, management, and shareholders approve of the transaction. It’s a “friendly” transaction. Everyone agrees that it is in the best interests of both companies. In an Acquisition the acquiring company “acquires” control of the company; usually by purchasing a majority of the outstanding stock. The target company usually does not want to be purchased by the acquiring company. In this case the target company is said to be “hostile” to the transaction.

There are a lot of different motivations behind a company’s decision to merge or acquire another company. Most often the reasons are strategic in nature. The motivation could be that the companies fit together in such a way that their combined operations are more efficient. Maybe the target company has undervalued assets. Or, perhaps the combination just makes financial sense. Sometimes the motivation is not related to either the acquiring company or the target company but the market itself – a rash of mergers in the market places the acquiring company at a distinct disadvantage unless a strategic partner is found.

How We Can Help You

Merger and Acquisition transactions are, by their very nature, complex. They require experience and expertise in both laws pertaining to corporate governance as-well-as securities law. At Walsh Banks law our attorneys can provide legal guidance, negotiate the deal and draft the necessary documentation.

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