9 Reasons to Talk to a Lawyer Before Choosing a Company Structure

There is no shortage of resources on the web for people looking to start a business. A significant portion of these resources deal with what type of company structure your business should have. However, if you are committed to making your business succeed, you shouldn’t try and DIY your incorporation or rely on some low-cost, online service. You owe it to yourself and to everyone you will do business with in the future to get professional help with this important step. Here are nine reasons why you should contact a business lawyer before choosing your company structure. 1. Your Situation is Unique Your business is not like anyone else’s. Your personal situation is unique to you. Checklists, static articles, and algorithms can never replace the

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5 Reasons Not To Use Online Incorporation Services

Online incorporation services make a lot of money selling fill in the blank documents. The cost to use these services is often minimal, and that is one reason they are so popular. However, if you are serious about your business, using an online incorporation service, instead of a qualified business lawyer, is likely a huge mistake. “Created by Attorneys “ Isn’t the Same as Legal Advice Many of these services advertise that they were “created by attorneys”. However, just because it was founded by an attorney doesn’t mean you are getting legal services. In fact, every single online incorporation service makes you acknowledge that you are not getting legal services. There are many factors that go into choosing the best type of corporate structure for

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