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We are business law experts. We have extensive experience providing transaction and litigation legal services to individuals, small businesses and large companies alike.

We will help you grow your business, and achieve your goals; while reducing risk and mitigating potential legal issues. Hiring a good business lawyer, one that fully understands the challenges and limitations of running a company, is one of the most important steps you can take to help ensure your long term success.

Starting and running a business is one of the most rewarding and stressful things you will ever do. You already know that there are significant risks that come with operating a business. You can mitigate those risks and increase your chances of success by working with a qualified experienced business attorney?

We help small businesses beat the odds. With our years of experience helping hundreds of different companies we know how to avoid the traps and how to build a strong legal foundation that will support long term success.

When you hire Walsh Banks Law, you gain access to trusted, experienced Orlando business lawyers for strategic legal counsel and representation, as-well-as for addressing any general legal issues that may come up during the regular course of operations.

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Why Hire a Business Lawyer?

An experienced business lawyer helps you find the most efficient solutions to your legal issues. They combine their legal expertise with a deep understanding of how businesses operate and what they need to not only survive, but to thrive.

When you work with a business lawyer you are getting an outside perspective on your issues. Because you are steeped in the day-to-day details, and because you are emotionally invested in the success of your business, it can be hard to step back and see what all of your options are.

They are able to show you what your options are and give you sound advice, even if it is not what you want to hear. Unlike some other types of professionals, they have a specific ethical duty to put your interests first.

One advantage of working with an experienced small business attorney is that they have seen a lot of companies succeed and a lot fail. They have seen the mistakes that their previous clients have made and the miscalculations that those involved in legal disputes and litigation have made. You get access to all of that knowledge and experience without having to make all of those mistakes yourself.

Walsh Banks Law will help your business start out on the right path, resolve sensitive contract issues, fight to protect your rights in court if necessary, and will be able to help you find the right exit strategy when the time comes. Our Orlando attorneys have the knowledge and experience to help you at every phase of your business’ life cycle.

What Does a Business Lawyer Do?

Business lawyers guide owners, shareholders, executives, and stakeholders through every stage of starting, running, and selling or closing a business. They provide advice on entity formation, contracts, and other transactions. They help prevent legal issues by developing risk mitigation and legal compliance strategies. They also aggressively represent your interests in contract disputes and in business litigation.

They perform transaction work such company formation, contract reviews, managing the sale or purchase of a business as well as performing litigation work such as filing lawsuits, responding to lawsuits, and representing your interests in the courtroom, in hearings, and trials.

Three priamry groupings of legal services:

  1. Ownership and entity structuring
  2. Business operations
  3. Business litigation

The exact services that are offered varies depending on the area a company needs help with. The best business attorneys are able to provide legal representation in all three of these areas at any given time. Making sure you consult with a lawyer over ownership issues and business operation issues can help you avoid litigation, or at least make sure you are in a strong position should litigation become unavoidable.

Ownership and Entity Structuring

When business lawyers are  helping with ownership issues they are primarily working to make sure the entity is setup correctly, that the business structure is suited for your needs, and that your interests are protected.

They spend a lot of time learning about the specifics of your company, industry, as well as your personal situation. To iron out ownership issues, they will review contracts and agreements, draft legal documents, and negotiate with any partners or shareholders that dispute your claims to ownership.

Common Business Ownership Matters:

  • Company structure
  • Corporate charter
  • Partnership agreements
  • Operating agreements
  • Founders Agreements
  • Purchase or sale of a business

Any legal documents such a founders agreements, partnership agreement, or operating agreement should be drafted by a business lawyer to meet your individual needs. Many new business owners make the mistake if using generic templates when starting out. But, these templates cannot address the specific issues you are likely to face.

The best way to secure your ownership interest, and to make sure everyone with a stake in the business is clear on his or her ownership, is to have the documents drafted by a qualified attorney. This avoids potential confusion and misunderstandings which can grow into ownership disputes, later on down the road.

Sometimes ownership issues arise years down the road due to, previously executed, faulty legal documents. They can help you negotiate with shareholders or other stakeholders to resolve any ownership issues before they become lawsuits.

When it comes to ownership issues, a lawyer will help you avoid future misunderstandings and troubleshoot existing ownership disputes. Often the best way to avoid expensive court fights is to retain a business attorney as early on in the formation, sale or purchase process as possible.

As your company grows more and better opportunities will come your way. These deals will be inherently risky. Work with a qualified attorney to review those deals to make sure your rights and interests are protected.

Business Operations

Because businesses are legal actors you can create a variety of unforeseen legal issues. When a business lawyer is involved in advising you on different aspects of your operations the goal is to mitigate risk and to make sure you are taking full advantage of your legal rights.

They are invaluable advisors that understand how one simple phrase in a contract can have a huge impact on the business’s ability to recover its fair share of damages should a contract dispute occur.

Routine business operation legal services :

The work they perform when reviewing and negotiating contracts is aimed at protecting your future interests and doing everything possible to make it undesirable, and more difficult, for someone to want to take you to court in the future.

When they are performing legal audits of your operations, advising on human resources issues, and performing corporate maintenance actions they are engaging in risk mitigation. While it is impossible to avoid all legal risks, risk mitigation makes sure you are not taking unreasonable risks and that should problems arise your company is in a solid legal position.

Walsh Banks Law understands that you just want to grow your business and serve your clients. By watching out for your interests we work to eliminate or minimize as many legal threats to the future of your company as possible.

Business Litigation

Sometimes it is not possible to avoid litigating a business dispute. Sometimes, it is in your best interest to go to court to pursue your legal rights or to protect your company. When your company may be headed to court, you will want the services of a business attorney that both understands your business and what it takes to win in court.

Common types of business litigation:

  • Contract disputes
  • Breach of Contract
  • Shareholder lawsuits
  • Employment lawsuits
  • Trade secret disputes
  • Intellectual property disputes
  • Unfair competition

There is a lot more to successful litigation than arguing in court like you see on TV. Even in cases where a lawsuit has been filed, most will be settled before ever going to a full trial.

During the litigation process a business lawyer will be conducting depositions requesting documents, and using all of the tools available to them to force the other side into making the concessions needed to end the case.

While the ability to make clear and convincing arguments and to be a persuasive speaker is important during the trial phase of the litigation, these same skills can also be used in negotiation and mediation in an attempt to resolve the issue before even getting to a trial.

When conducting business litigation a lawyer has to keep in mind the company’s legal position as well as their business interests. Sometimes it is in the best interests of a business to settle a case instead of pressing every possible advantage. However, without aggressively protecting the rights of the company from the beginning, it is almost impossible to favorably resolve a lawsuit.

If you work with an attorney early on, before you open your business, they can provide guidance and help lay a strong legal foundation for the business laying the ground work for future success.

When Should You Hire a Business Attorney?

It is always better to hire a business lawyer before you think you may need one. This allows you to have an existing relationship to call upon when a crisis occurs. Often the earlier you get us involved with your company, the fewer problems you will have down the road because we will help you avoid major contractual and compliance mistakes.

Different Legal Challenges at Different Life Cycle Stages:

  1. Starting a business
  2. Buying a business
  3. Running a business
  4. Selling a business
  5. Closing a business

Each of these stages presents unique legal challenges. A business attorney can help you navigate these challenges, avoid as many problems as possible, and help you achieve the best outcome possible in a given situation.

When you are faced with a legal challenge or question, you should consult with a knowledgeable and experienced business lawyer before making any final decisions. Only a business lawyer will be able to give the clarity and confidence you need to succeed in a competitive marketplace where threats of litigation are everywhere.

Starting a Business

You should consult with a business lawyer during the process of setting up your business. There are many pitfalls you can easily fall victim to if you are not aware of all of the legal consequences of your actions. Additionally, they can help you start a business with the right legal structure for your situation to make sure you are in the best tax and asset protection situation possible. They will make sure that your company structure will serve your needs for years to come.

Beyond selecting the right type of legal entity, they will make sure all of your corporate formation documents protect your ownership and are custom designed for your unique situation and needs. Your new company deserves more than just a fill-in-the-blank set of forms.

They will also help review any lease or contracts and even help you negotiate your contracts. You will save significant time and money down the road by investing up front in expert legal advice.

If you are going into business with a friend or family member it is important that all of your agreements and documents fully explain each person’s ownership interests and obligations. Because a business lawyer is not emotionally invested in your situation and has years of experience helping similar businesses, they help you protect your interests and help ensure that your relationships survive the creation of the business.

Buying a Business

Sometimes people find it more advantageous to buy a business instead of starting one from scratch.  Other times a company may chooses to grow by strategically merging or acquiring another company.

If for any reason you are considering buying a business you need to consult with a business lawyer. They can help you perform your due diligence checks; as-well-as, negotiate and  structure the deal. They will make sure you fully understand what you are getting into both financially and legally prior to the transaction finalizing.

They help negotiate the contracts and financing for the transaction. They are also an extra set of eyes to help make sure that the transaction is actually in your best legal interest. The sooner you involve a business attorney in your efforts to buy a business the smoother the transaction will go and the fewer surprises you will have as you move forward.

There could be corporate governance issues or government compliance issue that could arise due to the deal. You will want a qualified attorney to help you navigate and resolve these potentially complex issues.

Running a Business

Anytime you run into a potential legal issue you should consult with a business lawyer right away. Often the longer you wait to meet with and retain a lawyer, the more complicated your legal situation becomes. It is always cheaper and more efficient to resolve a legal issue correctly the first time rather than having to fix a poorly executed DIY legal solution.

Some typical legal issues business owners run into include human resources issues, contract disputes, litigation threats, legal compliance issues, just to name a few. A business lawyer can help you resolve these legal issues as quickly as possible so that you can focus on building your business.

If you have a regular relationship with a business lawyer, maybe an outside general counsel, you can prevent many legal issues from ever coming up by taking the proper risk mitigation measures. Just like it is easier to take steps to stay physically healthy than it is to try and cure an illness. It is cheaper and less expensive to work with a lawyer to prevent an issue than to deal with a crisis

The most successful companies regularly consult with attorneys to make sure their organizations are legally sound.

Selling a Business

If you are considering selling your business or your you need the advice of a business attorney with experience in these types of transactions. You should consult with a business lawyer before you respond to an offer to purchase or before you ever solicit bids.

Just like when you buy a business, there are several legal formalities that you must observe for the sale of your business to be fully legal and to protect you and your assets. A business lawyer can help navigate the transaction, draft any sales agreements, shareholder proposals, and any other legal documents you need to finalize the sale.

You will also want to make sure that you are being released from any personal liability as part of the sales process. Selling a business is both a legal and a business act. The sooner you can involve a business lawyer in the process, the smoother the sale will go and the better prepared you will be.

Closing a Business

There are a number of reasons you may want to close your business. You may be ready to retire or your business may no longer be financially viable. However, closing a business is more complicated than simply locking the doors and taking down your sign.

You can actually put your own personal assets at risk if you fail to properly close the company. Before you take any formal steps to wind down your company you should consult with a business lawyer. They will help you develop a plan that protects your interests, shields your assets as much as possible, and lowers your tax burden as much as possible.

A business lawyer can help you with everything from the timing of announcing the closure to employees and creditors to formally executing the legal paperwork needed to shut down the business. And, how to deal with the IRS on any outstanding payroll or income tax issues.

You will want to make sure that as part of your business closure plan you have a system for document retention. If anything should come up after the company is disolved you may need certain documents to avoid liability.

When you close your business you want to be able to move on to the next stage of your life. A business lawyer can help you make sure you don’t leave behind any loose ends that could come back to haunt you later.

Image of a small business business plan

Starting a business in inherently risky. A lawyer can review your business plan, advise you of the potential legal liabilities and risks of starting and running your business, and provide solutions to mitigate those risks.

Working With Small Businesses

Working with small businesses and small business law have been a cornerstone of our law firm’s practice since its inception.

Businesses come in all types and sizes. But, small businesses have a unique set of needs when it comes to business law. Our small business attorneys have helped hundreds of Orlando area small businesses successfully resolve their legal issues. We have helped these small businesses with everything from choosing the right type of business structure to representing them in complex business litigation cases and everything in between.

When it comes to providing legal services to small businesses we understand that they:

  • Often have narrow profit margins.
  • Need high quality and cost effective legal representation.
  • Cannot afford to have an in-house legal department.
  • Thrive based on their relationships with their customers.
  • Owners need sound legal advice to protect their assets and minimize their tax burden.

Our promises to our small business clients are that we will give you the same high quality representation that we give our big corporate clients. We make sure to work within the cost parameters that you have set for us. We will aggressively represent your interests. At Walsh Banks Law we help you deal with your legal issues so that you can focus on running an incredible business.

We take the time to get to know you and your business before we make any recommendations or take any actions on your behalf. We understand that you need timely advice and solutions that will stand the test of time. When working with small businesses we make sure that our representation is aligned with your legal needs and goals.

Why Hire Walsh Banks Law to Represent You?

The success of your business is too important to you to take chances on DIY legal solutions and one-size-fits-all online business legal forms. You deserve to have someone who not only understands business law, but also understands the needs of small business owners like you.

At Walsh Banks Law we have helped hundreds of businesses, in the Greater Orlando area just like yours. We provide the legal advice and services your business needs at prices you can afford.

Many Orlando businesses have made the expensive mistake of trying to save money by skipping meeting with a business attorney only to find out later they needed to spend even more money getting things done the right way.

We make sure we get everything done right the first time and that you have a solid legal foundation to grow your business.

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