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Commercial Finance Law

Commercial finance law covers the wide variety of finance options that exist for commercial endeavors, whether financing is secured through a banking institution or through private lending from an individual or corporation.

When Banks Use Lawyers

Banking institutions routinely employ attorneys for a wide variety of corporate finance matters, including the creation of commercial loan contracts, formation of business entities during mergers and acquisitions, the formation of subsidiaries, SBA-guaranteed loans and HUD-insured loans, and for bank representation during foreclosures, workouts and bankruptcy matters.

Commercial Finance Matters

A law firm which specializes in banking, lending and commercial finance law will be able to assist with:

  • Revolving Credit Facilities
  • Term Loan Facilities
  • Acquisition Financing (Lender or Seller Financed)
  • Asset Based Loan Facilities
  • Letters of Credit
  • Sale and Leaseback Transactions
  • Private Finance
  • Real Estate Based Lending Facilities.
Private Lending

When a small, medium or large business accepts financing in the form of a loan from an individual or corporation, a Promissory Note is used to outline the terms of the agreement, including the payment schedule.

But when an individual offers financing in exchange for a piece of the pie - that is, a percentage of profits - that person may be considered a partner, and may also sign a Partnership Agreement that governs the roles, expectations, and ownership details of all parties involved.

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