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We are committed to helping businesses succeed by providing clear, practical legal advice and representation. We are dedicated to serving your needs in an individualized and personal manner. We are a full-service business law firm; providing both transaction and litigation legal services.

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Our Business Is Helping Your Business Succeed

We are a boutique business law firm located in Downtown Orlando. We provide legal services to businesses and individuals in the Greater Orlando area and throughout Central Florida. We have over fifty years of combined experience working with a broad range of business entities of all types and sizes in a wide variety of industries.As a business law firm our practice areas are focused on helping businesses and individuals overcome the legal challenges associated with starting and operating a successful business.

From planning and startup; through the funding, operation and expansion of the business; to the eventual sale or exit from the business, we have the legal knowledge, experience, and expertise to help you and your business succeed. We are a client oriented business law firm focused on helping individuals, small businesses and larger companies alike.

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Business Law

We work with companies through out their entire business life cycle; from inception and startup, through growth, to transition or sale. Our business lawyers help you achieve your business goals, reduce risk, and protect from legal liability.

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Real Estate Law

Whether you are buying, selling, or leasing commercial or residential property you need an experienced lawyer to represent and guide you through these complex and expensive transactions. From negotiations to closings we have you covered.

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Business Litigation

Orlando business attorneys with over 50 years of court room experience representing clients in both state and federal court and at the appellate level. From contract disputes to complex civil and commercial litigation we have the experience to represent you.

Accomplished Business Law Firm

Over the years, Walsh Banks Law has provided sound effective legal counsel, strategies and solutions to hundreds of businesses. We are a full-service business law firm with a proven track record of providing effective legal advice and solutions for a wide variety of business, corporate, real estate and franchise law matters. Our attorneys frequently work with businesses just like yours.

Seasoned Legal Counsel For Your Business

When you retain our law firm you are gaining access to over 50 years of combined legal and business experience. Our team of lawyers is experienced in both transaction law and litigation.

We are more than just legal advisors. We understand that every legal issue you face also has a business and a financial dimension.

We make sure that when we give you advice we are taking into consideration all of your interests.

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Corporate Counsel and Outside Counsel Services

Startups, small businesses, and even medium size companies often don’t have the resources, or the time, to fully develop an in-house legal team. However, they still need experienced, trustworthy legal counsel and representation tailored to the specific needs of their business. We can provide the legal guidance your firm needs as you start and grow your business. We can act as your in-house counsel, without you having to deal with the cost and logistics of employing a legal department full time. Hiring Walsh Banks Law as your outside general counsel is one of the most cost effective ways to gain full access to trusted legal counsel.

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Support for Your In-House Legal Team

Sometimes even your in-house legal team needs additional support. We can support your legal team for ongoing in-house legal matters.

Our law firm can also provide support for legal projects that may be outside the scope of your legal team’s expertise.

We have worked with a variety of companies to supplement their legal department for specific projects or legal issues.

A Business Law Firm Not Afraid To Go To Court

We help companies with all stages of the commercial litigation process. We understand that it is often better for business if you can resolve a dispute without having to go through a long, complicated trial. At the first sign of a problem, our team can begin working with you to protect your interests and resolve the issues. Our extensive litigation experience makes us powerful negotiators. We understand how the court system works and how to use our willingness to aggressively represent our clients in court to bring the other side to the bargaining table. If negotiations break down, we are able to move forward and pursue court-based remedies. We also represent clients in mediation and arbitration.

Extensive State and Federal Court Experience

Our team of commercial litigation lawyers has successfully managed cases in state trial and appellate courts as well as in federal trial and appellate courts.

We use our detailed knowledge of state and federal court procedures and rules to give you every legal advantage possible.

We work hard to protect your interests and help you avoid court when possible, but we aggressively pursue all available legal remedies and defenses when it becomes necessary to go to court.

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